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Little Logger is designed to help make your job as a parent as simple as possible.

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Parenting is hard. Little Logger is a tool to help parents along their journey through parenthood. Track several types of events including Feedings, Pumpings, Sleep, Playtime, and more. Add details and notes to your events to help you better understand your child's unique tendencies. View detailed metrics on your little one's growth over time.

Our Progress

Little Logger Roadmap

We have a lot of great features in the pipeline. This roadmap lays out our top priorities regarding features we want to bring to you. Have a feature you would like us to consider? Please let us know!
  • Apple Watch Support - Quite often we find ourselves in peculiar positions or with our phones out of reach. Apple Watch support will be coming soon in a future update to make logging events that much easier.

  • Child Sharing - Taking care of a child is a team effort. A core feature of Little Logger will be the ability to link children with a partner, babysitter, or even a pediatrician to share events and information.

  • Siri Support - Along with Apple Watch support, hands free Siri integration will make it even easier to track events while on the go.

  • Tools - We want to provide a full suite of tools to make parenting easier and more productive. This could include a built in baby monitor, white noise machine, and even curated excercises to try out with your little one.

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Record Events

Log everything from diaper changes to playtime. Add additional details like quantity pumped or quality of sleep.

Team Up

Link your child with a partner and get notified when they add new events. (coming soon)

Cloud Storage

Sign in with Google or Facebook to keep your information secure. Your data will be automatically synced between all your devieces.


Set helpful reminders to keep your pumpings and feedings on schedule.


View detailed metrics about you and your child. Track sleep, feedings, and growth over time.


Choose your favorite theme while using the app. Dark mode makes it easy on the eyes when logging during late night hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Little Logger do?

Little Logger is an app designed to help parents keep track of thier children. It is primarily used for creating and managing events such as feedings or diaper changes.

What sort of events can I track?

Currently Little Logger supports the following events:

• Feedings • Diaper Changes
• Sleep • Pumpings
• Growth • Milestones
• Temperature • Mood
• Medications • Illnesses
• Vaccinations • Activities

Am I required to sign up?

Absolutely not. You may use Little Logger completely anonymously. However, if you wish to sync your data between multiple devices you must log in with either Google or Facebook.

How do I download the app?

Little Logger is currently available for iOS devices running iOS 11 and newer. You can download it from the Apple App Store here

What if I have multiple children?

Little Logger supports multiple children! You can add aditional children from the user settings menu in the app. To change children, select the arrow next to your child's name on the home page in the app. Any new events will automatically be added to the currently selected child.

My question isn't listed

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us at

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